Your School & Community

Your School & Community

School and community are important parts of your child’s life. You can work with the school staff or community members to help your child take part for as long as they feel well. It’s important to help siblings as well. If your child dies, their friends, teachers, and community members will be deeply affected.

Your school

Your child and school Children have many different experiences and feelings about school. When they are ill, their experiences change, and their feelings may change too.  Read more
Siblings and school Your other children may feel different about school when their sibling is ill. They may feel left out, or feel that other children are talking about them behind their backs. They may feel a loss of their own identity or feel overshadowed by their ill sibling.  Read more
Connecting with the school after the death When a child dies, their peers, school staff and community members are deeply affected. There are many choices to make about when and how to tell different people.  Read more

Your community

Your children and your community Even when your child is very ill, they may want to find ways to take part in some of the activities that take place within different groups in their community. They may wish to visit a team or club just to see friends.  Read more